HYDRO-PRES 32 / 37 / 46 / 68 / 100

High Performance Hydraulic Oils

Superfix Lubricants HYDRO-PRES 32 / 37 / 46 / 68 / 100 Series serves you to invest in right oil to improve your organization’s performance with maximum protection, to prevent unplanned service downtime of equipment, and decrease your cost by increasing versatility.


High-grade hydraulic system oils produced by mixing mineral based base oils and oxidation, rust, abrasion and anti-foam additives.

 Performance Features and Benefits

  • Prevents corrosion by protecting the system against abrasion thanks to its superior film layer.
  • Ensures superior performance with its excellent lubrication properties.
  • Excellent system protection and maintenance cost reduction with their oxidation, abrasion, rust, corrosion and anti-foam additive content.
  • Thanks to its anti-foam additive content, the product prevents cavitation occurring due to foaming and keeps the system clean with its dispersant properties.
  • Easy air and water dispersion properties.


Recommended for all industrial and moving hydraulic systems including high pressure.


Technical Data Sheet

 Performance specifications

Denison HF-0 HF-II; Eaton Vickers M-2950-S/I-286-S; Cincinnati Machine P-68/P-69/P-70; DIN 51524 Part 2; JCMAS HK; US Steel 127 meet the performance specifications.

Use For


18 Lt - 200 Lt