Multi grade high performance engine oil used in all seasons of the year, produced by mixing high quality mineral base oil with high rates of chemical additives.

 Performance Features and Benefits

  • Active cleaning feature controls forming of sediment and sludge, thus, keeps the parts of engine clean.
  • Sludge formation, rust, corrosion and wear prevention
  • Excellent engine protection
  • High oxidation resistance
  • Prevents occurrence of acid with its high TBN value and provides excellent protection. Provides economy by extending the service life of motor oil.


Multigrade motor oil for diesel engines in trucks, heavy duty vehicles and light commercial vehicles.

 Performance specifications


Advised to use on: MERCEDES-MAN-SCANIA

Package:  5 Lt – 6 Lt – 18 Lt – 20 Lt – 30 Lt – 200 Lt

SuperFix engine oils are designed for use in modern gasoline and diesel engines. They combine high stability of properties when used in a wide temperature range with energy-saving features and extended oil drain intervals. Improved temperature properties allow to operate successfully in all weather conditions.