Superfix Lubricants PASS HD 40 is a recommended engine oil for gasoline and diesel engines. Compatible with every vehicle, it provides long lasting protection under challenging conditions.

Mono-grade high performance engine oil, produced by mixing high quality mineral base oil with high rates of chemical additives.

 Performance Features and Benefits

  • Its improved friction characteristic provides fuel economy.
  • Its high oxidation stability feature, provides its protection until the next oil change.
  • Special additives in its content, corrosion in the engine and prevents wear.
  • High oxidation resistance and thermal stability.


Safety used in gasoline engines  also diesel engines  which recommended this grade and  running under sever conditions and all bad climatic conditions.


Package: 1L-4L-5L

SuperFix engine oils are designed for use in modern gasoline and diesel engines. They combine high stability of properties when used in a wide temperature range with energy-saving features and extended oil drain intervals. Improved temperature properties allow to operate successfully in all weather conditions.