As long as your grease is sustainable, your parts would last for long time and even under difficult conditions it will hold the grease lubrication on its place and ensures maintenance of your equipment to be less.  Superfix GREEN GREASE is developed in such standards to provide answers to all your needs.


High-quality base oils and formulated using calcium soap thickener is a general purpose grease.

 Performance Features and Benefits

  • Water-resistant and protects the system against to erosion and corrosion.
  • Put the water out of sight by sticking on the metal surface very well and protects the material against to rust.
  • Allows high stability which is in the medium degree loads.
  • Prevents from entering the foreign materials into systems and protects the system.
  • In the usages where the temperature is not high, demonstrates excellent performance by providing fast and effective lubrication.
  • Can be pumped easily.
  • Easy usage, coherent with the impermeability stuff and provides economy


Used in the surroundings where the temperature is not high (<80°C ) and the water is unavoidable. Used in the low-speed straight bearings working under the normal load, medium and high-speed bearings of which working temperature is not high, low-speed straight  bearings, and in  the lubrications of chassis. It can also be used for conveyors working in the open air and water pumps.

Package: 14 Kg

SuperFix engine oils are designed for use in modern gasoline and diesel engines. They combine high stability of properties when used in a wide temperature range with energy-saving features and extended oil drain intervals. Improved temperature properties allow to operate successfully in all weather conditions.