As long as your grease is sustainable, your parts would last for long time and even under difficult conditions it will hold the grease lubrication on its place and ensures maintenance of your equipment to be less.  Superfix RED GREASE is developed in such standards to provide answers to all your needs.


High quality mineral base oils and additives produced by qualified performance-enhancing, high-fiber, water-resistant and calcium grease is suitable for multi-purpose use.

 Performance Features and Benefits

  • Excellent resistant against to be washed by sticking to metal very well in moist and aqueous surroundings.
  • Medium degree resistant to mechanical impacts.
  • Excellent protection to adhesive wearing and corrosion.
  • It can be pumped easily
  • Easy usage and economic.


Load is not heavy, the temperature is not high (<80 ° C) and is used in environments where water is unavoidable. Flat and rotary bearings are used in low speed. Chassis, wheel bearings, axle joints are used in lubrication.

Package: 14 Kg

SuperFix engine oils are designed for use in modern gasoline and diesel engines. They combine high stability of properties when used in a wide temperature range with energy-saving features and extended oil drain intervals. Improved temperature properties allow to operate successfully in all weather conditions.